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Together, We Can Ride OC Bus Safely

Throughout the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, safety has been OCTA’s top priority.

That’s why we display the APTA Health & Safety seal here. It represents OCTA’s pledge for fulfilling the highest industry commitments for keeping transit safe during COVID-19.

The American Public Transportation Association is the only independent, non-profit organization that represents all modes of public transportation in North America and sets industry standards for safe and reliable operations and maintenance. The Association's Safety & Health Commitments Program was established to protect riders and employees so that public transportation can continue to deliver safe, valuable services to everyone.

OCTA is working every day to keep riders and employees safe from COVID-19. But we can’t do it alone. By sharing the responsibility for health and safety, and following the four commitments below, together we can keep each other safe while riding OC Bus:
  • Four Commitments We Can Accomplish Together
  • Following guidance
  • Protecting each other
  • Communicating safety measures
  • Putting health first
Find out more here about how we can work together for safety.
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