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Three Projects Advancing to Address South County Traffic

OCTA is moving forward to relieve traffic in South Orange County in conjunction with the Transportation Corridor Agencies (TCA) and Caltrans.

TCA and Caltrans are concluding the South County Traffic Relief Effort and based on technical work, public input and policy direction, three near-term projects are proposed to move forward: 

  • A non-tolled extension of Los Patrones Parkway from Cow Camp Road to Avenida La Pata
  • The widening of Ortega Highway between Calle Entradero and Reata Road
  • The extension of the I-5 carpool lane from Avenida Pico to the San Diego County line area 

OCTA will work with TCA, the county and cities to prepare a project development plan for the Los Patrones Parkway project. OCTA will also work with Caltrans and San Juan Capistrano to advance funding for the final design of the Ortega Highway widening and with Caltrans and the San Diego Association of Governments to advance funding for the environmental process of the I-5 HOV improvements.

These three projects are focused on meeting travel demand over the next decade. Other future projects in south Orange County will be considered as part of OCTA’s comprehensive South Orange County Multimodal Transportation Study.

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