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Organizations Donate Face Coverings for OCTA Coach Operators

Every day, OCTA’s coach operators help keep Orange County moving safely by transporting essential workers and others who rely upon OC Bus for their essential activities.  

Coach operators have always been the face of OCTA to much of the traveling public. During the pandemic, those faces must wear masks for protection. At OCTA, the top priority is the health and safety of riders and employees. 

OCTA is grateful to the organizations that have donated face coverings to OC Bus coach operators, maintenance employees and service workers, including BYD Coach & Bus LLC, The Recon Group, The International Chinese Transportation Professional Association, and the OC Sheriff’s Department.

In addition, MV Transportation call center agents donated homemade masks, many of them made from old transit uniforms. OCTA contracts with MV Transportation drivers to operate OC ACCESS.

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