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OCTA Bus Campaign Wins Top Industry Award

OCTA Bus Campaign Wins Top Industry Award

Competing against transportation agencies from across the nation, an OCTA advertising campaign aimed at increasing bus ridership took first-place honors from the American Public Transportation Association (APTA).

As part of OC Bus 360°, an ongoing initiative that improves bus service from all angles and responds to changing market conditions, OCTA launched a comprehensive bus ridership campaign with the flexibility to communicate with all kinds of riders – existing, new, commuters, students, millennials, families, and diverse populations. During the campaign, strategically chosen words were inserted into the consistent framework of Ride the “Blank” Bus (Ride the Commute Bus, Ride the Beach Bus, Ride the Study Bus) to appeal to different audiences and demographics.

To date, the Ride the “Blank” Bus campaign has attracted 7,461 new riders, and the overwhelming majority (90 percent) said they would continue to ride – adding nearly 7,000 satisfied bus riders to the OC Bus system.

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