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OCTA Bids Farewell to Outgoing Board Members

On November 23, OCTA recognized two outgoing members of the Board, Director Miguel Pulido and Director Laurie Davies, for their dedicated service and commitment.

Director Pulido, the former mayor of Santa Ana, was OCTA’s longest-serving board member with 23 years of service. Throughout his tenure at OCTA, Director Pulido played a vital role improving every aspect of Orange County’s transportation system, from public transit, to streets, freeways and the development of the OC Streetcar. His commitment and leadership ensured the delivery of promises made to voters through the original Measure M, the county’s half-cent sales tax for transportation improvements, and ensured the passage of its renewal in 2006. He has also been a strong advocate for clean-air initiatives, helping the agency navigate from diesel buses, to liquified natural gas, to compressed natural gas, and more recently, to hydrogen fuel-cell electric and plug-in electric technologies. To watch a video about Director Pulido’s time on the board, click here

After four years of service on the board, Director Davies, also a Laguna Niguel council member, will be moving on after she was elected to represent the state’s 73rd Assembly District. She took on the leadership role as Chair of OCTA’s Legislative and Communications Committee, and was a member of the Transit Committee and Executive Committee. Director Davies has played an integral role in projects like OC Flex and OC Bus 360°, and helped shape the most recent Long-Range Transportation Plan, which will ensure Orange County keeps moving forward for decades to come.

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