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OC Go-Funded Signal Synchronization Improves Travel & Environment

Signal synchronization projects throughout Orange County help ensure drivers hit the most green lights during peak traffic hours. Since 2008, OCTA has provided nearly $60 million to fund 84 projects that have synchronized traffic signals in nearly 2,900 intersections across 746 miles. Funding is made available through OC Go, Orange County’s half-cent sales tax for transportation improvements, also known as Measure M.

The completed projects help drivers throughout the county save time and money, reducing average travel times by 13%, average stops by 29%, improving average speed by 14%, and saving drivers approximately $172 million on fuel costs.

Signal synchronization also helped the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions by nearly 886 million pounds over a three-year period. This resulted from reducing the number of stops and the amount of acceleration and deceleration while smoothing traffic flow.

An additional 33 projects are planned or underway that will synchronize traffic signals along another 307 miles. Learn more about the signal synchronization program here.

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