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Now Online: The 91 Express Lanes 2017 Annual Report

Now Online: The 91 Express Lanes 2017 Annual Report

During this past year, two milestones made the 91 Express Lanes a more attractive travel option than ever. The 91 Express Lanes was repaved for the first time its 21-year history, a massive undertaking paid entirely by toll revenue. In addition, the managed lanes were extended 8 miles into Riverside County following a multi-year construction project led by the Riverside County Transportation Commission (RCTC). Customers can now enjoy a total of 18 miles of seamless free-flowing travel.

These improvements, along with continued progressive management and financial stability, prompted one of the biggest year-over-year customer increases in the history of the Express Lanes. This past year, more than 17,000 new customers chose this safe, reliable, time-saving travel alternative. Trips taken by all customers totaled 14 million.

Milestone after milestone, the 91 Express Lanes rolls forward with improvements that allow customers to live life on time.

Learn more about the 91 Express Lane’s successful year by reading the 2017 annual report here.

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