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Metrolink Riders Can Check Occupancy Levels Online to Social Distance

Metrolink's new How Full Is My Train? webpage allows riders to check recent ridership levels of a train they plan to ride and confirm they will have the ability to maintain safe distances on board.

The goal is to keep ridership at or below 30 percent of the available seats per rail car to allow for up to six feet of social distance between riders. Ridership is closely monitored on all trains so when one has consistently reached 30 percent ridership, Metrolink can add a passenger car or additional train service, when possible, to allow for social distancing.

“How Full is My Train?” users can view average train ridership before boarding. If travel plans are flexible, they may choose to take a train that usually carries fewer people. In many cases, riders can simply move to other cars if one car appears crowded.

Metrolink’s recent customer survey found that social distancing and cleanliness are among the top concerns of riders. Close to 81 percent of survey respondents indicated they would ride Metrolink again, with 29 percent planning to return as soon as the stay-at-home measures are lifted. The survey also revealed that popular amenities like electrical outlets and Wi-Fi are now taking a backseat to riders’ desire for hand sanitizers on every rail car.

In response, Metrolink has equipped each passenger car with two hand sanitizer stations, one near each train car door.

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