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Metrolink Locomotives Move toward a Cleaner Future

Metrolink recently retired Engine 882, the final Tier 0 locomotive remaining in its fleet. That’s significant because Engine 882 will be replaced by a Tier IV locomotive, the cleanest-burning diesel engines available. Metrolink is the first commuter railroad in California to deploy them, an important step towards a zero-emission future.

By summer, 40 of Metrolink’s locomotives will be Tier IV.  Tier IV locomotives are compliant with the latest U.S. Environmental Protection Agency emissions standards and reduce particulate matter and nitrogen oxide emissions by up to 85% compared to older locomotives. In addition to their environmental benefits, Metrolink’s Tier IV engines are more powerful with up to 40 percent more horsepower than Tier 0 locomotives.

Tier 4 low-emission locomotives will help keep the environment clean, improve public health and enhance the quality of life for Southern Californians, according to Metrolink.

Three Metrolink lines serve Orange County with 12 stations.

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