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Less Traffic Facilitates Construction Progress on I-405 Improvements

Significantly reduced traffic volumes during the COVID-19 pandemic allowed OCTA and its partners to implement extended overnight and daytime freeway lane closures to mitigate schedule delays on the I-405 Improvement Project.

Construction continues on the Bushard Street, Talbert Avenue and McFadden Avenue overcrossings, which fully closed to traffic prior to being demolished and rebuilt as part of the project. McFadden is expected to open late this summer, Bushard is anticipated to open late this year and Talbert is scheduled for completion early next year.

Significant bridge construction also continues at Fairview Road, Magnolia Street, Goldenwest Street, Westminster Boulevard and Bolsa Chica Road. These bridges are reconstructed one half at a time and are open to traffic during construction. The first half of the Magnolia Street bridge was completed in late March and construction on the second half began immediately after. The first half of the other bridges are expected to open to traffic by the end of the year.

During the past few months, OCTA’s public outreach team has shifted strategies in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Most outreach is conducted electronically as the team hosts virtual neighborhood meetings to update residents about nearby construction.

The $1.9 billion I-405 Improvement Project will add one regular lane in each direction between Euclid Street and I-605, and a second lane in each direction in the center of the freeway from SR-73 to I-605 that will combine with the existing carpool lanes to form the 405 Express Lanes. In addition, 18 bridges will be built, widened or replaced as part of the project, which will speed up travel times on I-405 between Costa Mesa and the Los Angeles County line.

For more information about the I-405 Improvement Project, visit here.

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