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Elected Officials Roundtable Highlights South County Multimodal Transportation Study

During a recent virtual meeting, OCTA shared information about a multimodal transportation study with 21 elected officials and city staff to seek feedback on future transportation solutions. Participants represented South Orange County, the focus of a strategic transportation study that will consider the future transportation needs of residents, commuters, and visitors. Through collaboration with local stakeholders, the study will identify a broad range of improvement recommendations for all types of transportation, including streets, transit, freeways and bikeways. The area covered by the study encompasses about 40 percent of Orange County, generally south of SR-55 to the San Diego County line, and from the coast to the foothills.

OCTA is conducting comprehensive outreach to garner feedback from the public. An online survey in several languages, including Spanish, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Korean, and English, drew 360 responses regarding transportation challenges and potential solutions. A public webinar on the website attracted nearly 100 views and the study website has received nearly 1,200 views. Postcards were mailed to identified disadvantaged communities to assure they received information about the survey, public webinar and hotline. Emails were sent to more than 37,000 OCTA customers and stakeholders. In addition, OCTA made multiple presentations including those to OCTA’s Citizens’ Advisory Committee, Special Needs Advisory Committee and Diverse Community Leaders Group. Another round of outreach will kick off in early 2021.

After hearing about the outreach efforts, the elected officials weighed in on many topics, including ways to alleviate congestion, active transportation, and the impacts of COVID-19. Two other roundtables are expected to be conducted before the study concludes in late 2021. For more information about the South Orange County Multimodal Transportation Study, click here.
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