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Connect to Great Fall Strolls with Metrolink

When it comes to activities that allow for togetherness and social distancing, few activities are more suitable than a stroll. It’s a safe way for friends and families to enjoy some outdoor time and stretch their legs.

A Metrolink Daycation is a stress-free way to escape to nearby destinations that are ripe for exploration. With its extensive cleaning and spacious seating protocols, Metrolink offers safe, clean travel for a well-deserved getaway.

For inspiration, here’s list of 10 Great Fall Strolls that includes everything from beaches to walks of fame to historic districts. From Los Angeles to Oceanside, there’s a stroll for everyone.

In addition, your day away won’t break the bank. Adults ride for $10 either Saturday or Sunday and kids 17 and under ride free on weekends. Learn more about planning the perfect Daycation day trip here.

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