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Committee to Discuss Freeway Environmental Mitigation Program Funding, Resource Management

Committee to Discuss Freeway Environmental Mitigation Program Funding, Resource Management

The Measure M2 (M2) Environmental Oversight Committee (EOC) will meet today at OCTA to discuss issues related to the Freeway Environmental Mitigation Program, which allocates funds to acquire land and fund habitat restoration projects in exchange for streamlined project approvals for the 13 M2 freeway improvement projects. Acquired properties are purchased and permanently preserved as open space. 

The EOC makes recommendations on the allocation of environmental freeway mitigation funds and monitors the execution of a master agreement between OCTA and state and federal resource agencies.

At its meeting on Wednesday, the EOC will consider endorsing the long-term funding strategy for the Freeway Environmental Mitigation Program. The funding strategy evaluates future funding and financing capacity, establishes overall priorities and a timetable for future spending recommendations, and considers including potential future freeway improvements that are not currently part of M2. If endorsed by the EOC, the OCTA Board of Directors will review the funding strategy for final approval. 

The Resource Management Plans (RMPs) are being developed for each OCTA preserve and will guide the stewardship and operations of each preserve. RMPs for the Ferber Ranch, O'Neill Oaks, Saddle Creek South, and Hafen properties are expected to be available for public review in the upcoming months. This will give the public an opportunity to offer feedback on the plans, which will identify how sensitive plants and animals are protected and also what, where, and when public access is allowed for each preserve. The RMPs for the MacPherson and Hayashi preserves will be available for public comment in late 2015. The EOC will discuss the RMP public release timeline and review the next steps.

For more information, please contact Marissa Espino at 714-560-5607.

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