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Celebrating 25 Years of On-Time Arrivals on the 91 Express Lanes

Twenty-five years ago in 1995, the 91 Express Lanes made history by off­ering commuters an alternative for their daily trips between the Inland Empire and Orange County. Motorists soon discovered the timesaving advantages of non-stop travel on one of the world’s first fully automated facilities with demand-based pricing.

Since 1995, much has changed. In 2003, OCTA purchased the privately held lanes for the public, removing restrictions and opening the way to improvements that benefit all motorists along the entire SR-91 Corridor.

Some of OCTA’s accomplishments include removing the non-compete clause that prohibited development of nearby roadways, implementing toll and high-occupancy vehicle policies, reinvesting excess toll revenue in projects that benefit the entire
region, and working with the Riverside County Transportation Commission to extend the managed lanes 10 miles into Riverside County.

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