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Boarding & Riding OC Bus Will Soon Be Even More Convenient

Boarding & Riding OC Bus Will Soon Be Even More Convenient

On Feb. 11, OCTA will introduce changes that will speed up boarding, improve service, and revise select bus passes.

On that day, riders can begin using the new mobile app readers installed on all fixed-route buses to make boarding easier and more efficient. Since the OC Bus Mobile App launched last year, riders have downloaded it more than 67,000 times. Nearly 7 percent of total fare revenue is collected via the mobile app, more than double the industry average.

Improved bus service will also debut. Later service will make it possible for OC residents to work a later shift or see an evening movie while enjoying the convenience of OC Bus, while additional service will make beaches, parks, and other fun destinations easier to reach on weekends.

Service improvement highlights include:

  • Improved weekday peak frequencies to 30 minutes on routes 56, 89, 90, and 91
  • Improved weekday evening frequencies on routes 29, 50, 53, and 60
  • Improved weekend frequencies on routes 29, 43, 50, 53, 54, 60, and 91
  • Extended weekend evening service span on Route 46
  • Route 59 weekend service is extended to The District at Tustin Legacy

In addition, OCTA is introducing separate passes for senior and disabled passengers. The new passes will allow OCTA to monitor usage to better serve the two distinct rider groups.

As part of the bus service change, additional minor schedule and routing adjustments will be made to several routes and Routes 212, 216, 454 and Sundays on Route 177 will be eliminated due to low ridership. Learn more about the Feb. 11 service change here.

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