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The 91 Express Lanes Annual Report: Keep Moving Forward

OCTA, the owner and manager of the 91 Express Lanes, recently published the 91 Express Lanes Annual Report for 2020 with the theme, “Keep Moving Forward.”

In these unprecedented times, the 91 Express Lanes provides unwavering reliability and continues to move forward with current improvements and plans for a future that’s just down the road.

Although the 91 Express Lanes was experiencing all-time highs in traffic and revenues before COVID-19, traffic volumes were down 14.6 percent and gross potential toll revenues decreased by 10.3 percent during the 2019-2020 fiscal year.

Yet because OCTA prepared in advance for the unexpected, the 91 Express Lanes continues, as always, to meet all of its financial obligations while progressing as planned with improvements that provide steadfast, predictable, safe travel. These include issuing new transponders, moving forward with a new back-office system, and funding projects that improve transportation along the State Route 91 corridor.

View the report here

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