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What’s Up with the 405? The Easy Drive Guide

It’s no surprise to travelers on the I-405 that there’s a lot going on between the SR-73 freeway in Costa Mesa and I-605 near the L.A. County line. That’s the span that is under construction for approximately five years as part of the I-405 Improvement Project, which will add one regular lane in each direction between Euclid Street and I-605 and make improvements to freeway entrances, exits and bridges. In addition, the project will add the 405 Express Lanes, incorporating the existing carpool lanes and a new lane in each direction between SR-73 and I-605.

As OCTA brings those improvements to one of the nation’s busiest freeways, drivers and residents wonder: What’s up with the 405?

Fortunately, there are several easy and informative ways to stay up to speed.

  • Subscribe to the I-405 Improvement Project Construction Alerts:

This weekly newsletter is packed with a lot more than construction alerts. Every Friday, it arrives full of useful information. The most recent issue explained why the speed limit in the construction zone has been reduced to 55 for safety and explained why and how you should sign up for the I-405 Interactive Map Widget and text and call alerts. Subscribe here.

  • Visit the I-405 Project Improvement Webpage:

This frequently updated site contains significant background information about the overall project plus facts and figures about individual sections, including bridge demolition and construction. You can sign up for text alerts, find out the location and topic of upcoming community meetings, and even download a 405 coloring book for the kids. Learn more here.

  • View the Interactive Map:

To check out current activities and closures, check out the 405 Project interactive map here. It’s a great tool that provides a visual snapshot of where and when construction activities and closures will occur. This map is also linked to Waze, the navigation app.

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