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Vanpool, the Commuting Antidote to Freeway Frustration

Imagine a commute without the grinding frustration of bumper-to-bumper traffic. Imagine catching up on the sleep you lost binging on Game of Thrones or comforting your little one. Imagine getting to work without clenching your teeth.

Those are just a few of the benefits of vanpooling. Vanpooling doesn’t eliminate freeway frustration, but it can make it more bearable. And whether you’re a commuter or an employer, OCTA can help you get rolling.

Stop by the updated OC Vanpool website and check it out. The site has been redesigned to make it easier for commuters and employers to find the information that’s most important to them.

Did you know that commuters save $200 or more monthly by vanpooling and reduce stress levels and commute time? OCTA helps pay the monthly cost by covering roughly 30-40% of fees. For employers, OCTA provides complimentary, no-risk vanpool program implementation and management. Vanpools provide a no-cost employee benefit, reduce parking congestion, and meet SCAQMD requirements.

And take a look at some of today’s cool vanpool vehicles—they’re no longer the boxy white vans of yesteryear. The Audi Q7, Nissan Pathfinder, Infiniti QX 60, and Dodge Durango are just a few options. Learn about OCTA’s vanpool program here.

Like to talk to someone about how it all works? Contact Kristopher Hewkin, OCTA's Vanpool Program Specialist, at 714-560-5331 or khewkin@octa.net.

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