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UCI Transportation Students Learn about OCTA Projects

Earlier this month, CEO Darrell Johnson shared information about OCTA and its many projects with graduate students at UCI’s Institute of Transportation Studies. The Institute is a University of California-organized research unit with branches at Irvine, Davis, Berkeley and UCLA established to foster research, education, and training in the field of transportation.

Johnson provided an overview of OCTA and highlighted major projects including the I-405 Improvement Project, OC Streetcar and OC Flex. He discussed OCTA’s challenges, including Orange County’s projected growth and state, federal and local funding issues, and explained how OCTA is addressing these challenges by leveraging OC Go (also known as Measure M) funding to advance major projects to continually improve Orange County’s transportation network.

Johnson appeared as a guest lecturer at the class taught by Sara Catz, an associate lecturer in the UCI Urban Planning & Policy Department and former OCTA Board Chairman. Katz served on the OCTA Board from 1992 to 2002.

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