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Top Five Reasons to Ride OC Flex during the Holidays

With the holidays here, there are plenty of reasons to ride OC Flex, the new on-demand, seven-day-a-week shuttle service that takes you where you want, when you want in two zones – one in parts of Huntington Beach/Westminster, the other in parts of Aliso Viejo/Laguna Niguel/Mission Viejo.

All-day rides are only $4.50 when you book using the mobile app.

Here are the five top reasons to check out OC Flex right now:

  1. Get exclusive special deals.

As an OC Flex rider, you’re eligible to receive exciting deals and discounts! Ride OC Flex and start your holiday shopping now. Check out the savings .

  1. Friends & relatives are in town.

You don’t have time to drive people around, and rental cars are expensive. OC Flex to the rescue! Your temporary lodgers can ride to breakfast, lunch, and dinner, the mall, and the market (to pick up dinner for you, maybe?) without the hassle of driving and parking. For only $4.50 a day.

  1. You need some adult time.

Holidays are stressful. Sometimes you just need some alone time with your significant other. Plus a cocktail or craft beer. Make OC Flex your designated driver and enjoy a stress-free evening.

  1. Your teens need help getting from here to there.

During the holidays, it’s easy to get overscheduled. If your kids are 13 and above, OC Flex can c

  1. Someone needs a ride to the bus stop or train station.

With an OC Flex or OC Bus day pass, you get unlimited daily rides on OC Flex within each zone, plus unlimited rides throughout the entire OC Bus system. And with a valid Metrolink or Amtrak pass, you can ride free to or from a train station within the zone.

Learn more about OC Flex here.

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