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The Safe, Affordable Ride for Teenagers

It’s tough being a teenager. You know you deserve to go where you want when you want, but you’re too young or too cash-strapped to have your own car.  You hate being chauffeured by your parents, yet you depend on them for rides. Sigh.

Enter OC Flex, the shared on-demand shuttle that allows those 13 and up to ride independently.

OC Flex checks a couple boxes for parents. First, and most importantly, it’s safe. Operated by OCTA, the 8-person vans are driven by trained, certified professionals. Second, OC Flex is an on-demand service, so it comes to you. No waiting at faraway bus stops. Third, it’s affordable. Normally, unlimited rides are only $4.50 per day within each of the two service areas. During weekends through April, however, rides with a buddy are half price when reserved through the mobile app.

With this special offer, a day of rides for eight passengers will cost only $24. Two friends can ride all day for only $4.50. Onboard, passengers must ride with the person who made the reservations.

OC Flex is a great option for adventures within the shuttle’s service areas, which include parts of Westminster and Huntington Beach and parts of Aliso Viejo, Mission Viejo, and Laguna Niguel.

Think of the possibilities! Better yet, let us suggest some. Check out these teenager-friendly OC Flex destinations:

Huntington Beach, Westminster service area

  • Bella Terra Mall: Lots of great places to eat, shop, and watch movies
  • Westminster Mall: John’s Incredible Pizza (great buffet and non-stop video arcade) offers a discount to OC Flex riders. Sky Zone trampoline park is a super place to burn off some energy.

Aliso Viejo, Mission Viejo, Laguna Niguel service area

  • Aliso Viejo Town Center. Great shopping, dining, and a movie theater
  • Shops at Mission Viejo: Tutoring, shops, and food, all in one place
  • Kaleidoscope: Lots of places to have fun (arcade, movie theater, paint), shop, and eat

Learn more about OC Flex here

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