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Tell Us What You Think about Proposed February Bus Service Changes

Tell Us What You Think about Proposed February Bus Service Changes

In 2015, the OCTA Board of Directors launched OC Bus 360°, a plan that examines bus service from all angles. During the initial implementation of this comprehensive plan, OC Bus 360° provided better service in high-demand areas by reallocating existing resources, improved passenger experiences through technology, stimulated ridership with pricing changes, and created fresh marketing and branding to attract new riders.

OC Bus 360° has been effective in improving service in those areas where service was reallocated to meet demand. To continue in this positive direction, OCTA is proposing additional adjustments through OC Bus 360° that will result in better service and greater efficiency in areas where demand is greatest.

The proposed service plan for February 2018 improves evening, weekday and weekend service on several routes and reduces service on others with low demand. In addition, service on some Stationlink and express routes will be reduced or eliminated due to low ridership. Services and resources can be reallocated to high-demand areas to reduce travel times and serve more people.

To view the proposed changes, click here.

OCTA collected comments online and during three community meetings in August and will conduct a public hearing prior to the regularly scheduled meeting of the OCTA Board of Directors on September 25. You can voice your thoughts at the public hearing or comment here.

Public Hearing
Monday, September 25, 2017 9 a.m.
OCTA Headquarters, Board Room (Conference Room 07-08)
550 South Main Street, Orange, CA 92863


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