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Tell Us What You Think about Proposed Bus Changes

As part of its commitment to improving public transportation in Orange County, OCTA is proposing some changes to the OC Bus system beginning in October 2019.

These changes are part of OC Bus 360º, a plan which reallocates service to meet demand, introduces and improves services, and optimizes the efficiency and effectiveness of overall bus service.

On June 10, OCTA will host a public hearing at the meeting of the OCTA Board of Directors. In May, OCTA reached out for feedback at community meetings in Brea, Santa Ana, and Irvine.

For an overview of the changes, click here. Please share your thoughts by taking this survey by June 11 or attending the public hearing.

Monday, June 10, 2019: Public Hearing
9 a.m.
OCTA Headquarters
Board Room 07-08
550 S. Main Street
Orange, CA 92863
Bus Routes: 53/53X, 56, 83

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