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Teen Council Kicks Off Fifth Year

This fall, the OCTA Teen Council launched its fifth year of engaging local high school students in transportation-related discussions and projects with OCTA staff and their peers. Sixteen students representing a dozen schools across Orange County were selected to engage in monthly meetings to learn about the programs and services that OCTA provides and receive an in-depth look at how the organization functions.

While learning how OCTA’s efforts contribute to society and the quality of life in Orange County, members receive career insights and gain experience working as a team, representing their peers, and advocating for transit.

Council members have provided valuable insight on transportation issues that affect Orange County including the youth summer pass marketing campaign, ACCESS paratransit, public and active transit perceptions, strategic and media communications, and the transit master plan.

Teens represent a key audience for OC Bus and transportation in Orange County. They are the group that will realize the benefits of the long-term work that OCTA does today.

To learn more about the Teen Council, visit here

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