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Taxpayer Oversight Committee Welcomes Four New Members

A lottery conducted at the OCTA Board of Directors meeting July 8 resulted in the appointment of four new Measure M Taxpayer Oversight Committee (TOC) members, one each from the First, Third, Fourth, and Fifth Supervisorial Districts. The list of candidates was provided by the Grand Jurors Association of Orange County Selection Panel (Panel). The TOC welcomed Douglas P. Gillen from Santa Ana (First District), Tuan Nguyen from Orange (Third District), Michael Pascual from Fullerton (Fourth District) and Douglas Anderson from Dana Point (Fifth District). Each will serve a 3-year term, which began July 1, 2019.

OCTA thanked outgoing committee members Eugene Fields, Matt McGuinness, Richie Lim and Stanley Counts for their service to the taxpayers of Orange County.

The TOC is an independent committee formed after the passage of Measure M in 1990. The committee upholds the integrity of the measure by monitoring the use of OC Go (also known as Measure M) funds and ensuring that all revenue collected from OC Go is spent on voter-approved transportation projects.

Each spring, as called for in the Measure M Ordinance, the Panel conducts an extensive recruitment process to fill vacancies left by TOC members whose terms have expired. The Panel reviews and conducts interviews with the applicants. This year, Panel members included Bill Underwood (Chair), Robin R. Bowen, Bette Flick, John Gallie, Virginia Zlaket and John J. Moohr.

Next year, recruitment for the committee will begin in March to fill vacancies for expiring terms of representatives in the Second and Third Supervisorial Districts. Each district has two representatives.

To learn more about the TOC, click here.

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