Start a Vanpool and Save

There’s never been a better time to start a vanpool. All you need are five people with designated pickup location(s) and similar work destinations and work schedules. Commuters who live 15 miles or more from their worksite are prime candidates for this program.
Consider the benefits. In a van, you can:

  • Save Money – Save $250 or more per month in fuel, maintenance, parking, tolls and insurance costs.
  • Save Time – Breeze past traffic in the carpool lane and get to work faster.
  • Decrease Stress–Share driving responsibilities so you can relax on the drive to work.
  • Use Time Your Way–Catch up on social media, news, work, naps, TV shows and movies.
  • Preserve Your Personal Vehicle – Prolong the life of your personal vehicle by reducing work-related trips.
  • Have a Guaranteed Ride Home – No worries about being carless at work. Enjoy two free rides home per year if emergencies or work schedule variations occur.

Beginning during Rideshare Week and extending through October 31, OCTA is offering special incentives for starting a vanpool. The vanpool coordinator will receive a $100 gas card and a $100 gas card to use for the group’s gas.

All this is in addition to OCTA’s $400 worth of assistance per month per vanpool for those with worksites in Orange County.

OCTA helps both employers and individual commuters with their vanpool plans. Visit here learn more or contact OCTA Vanpool Specialist Kristopher Hewkin at or (714) 560-5331 for more information.

Rideshare Week is sponsored by Experian™ and Spectrumotion.

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