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Sharing I-405 Improvement Project Progress with Neighboring Community

Though the City of Irvine doesn’t fall within the 16-mile boundary of the I-405 Improvement Project, interest runs high in this neighboring community. Irvine community members frequently drive through the project area, one of the most heavily traveled stretches of highway in the nation. The project is critical to accommodate expected employment, population and housing growth throughout Southern California.

In late February, OCTA staff shared a project update and overview with about 30 members of the Irvine Rotary. OCTA’s largest construction project spans six cities and will replace and widen 18 bridges to deliver a  general-purpose lane and a tolled Express Lane facility in each direction along its 16 miles. The $1.9 billion project is expected to be complete in 2023 and will offer improved travel options for those in the region.

Learn more about the I-405 Improvement Project here.

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