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Share the Ride All Year with Help from OCTA

During National Rideshare Week from October 7 to 11, we encourage everyone to ditch their solo commute and try carpooling, vanpooling, biking, or taking the bus or train. Doing so makes roads less congested, helps clear the air, promotes friendships, increases efficiency, and helps businesses save money on costly parking facilities.

There are many reasons to share the ride. But why stop at one week? OCTA offers many free services that can help individuals and employers enjoy the benefits of ridesharing all year.

Choose your commuting companions with Waze Carpool or connect with a carpool group or biking buddy with Ride Match. Save time and money by vanpooling, an especially great alternative for those who live far from their workplaces. Learn about OCTA’s vanpool program for commuters and businesses here.

Get rolling toward your goal today. Pledge to rideshare this week for a chance to win an Apple watch.

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