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Service Animal Training Day is Oct. 6

Twice a year, OCTA provides a special opportunity for service animals and their trainers to become familiar with public transportation.  Animals that are comfortable with the sounds, movement, and layout of a bus or train increase the independence and confidence of their handlers. 

Service Animal Training Day returns to Anaheim-ARTIC Metrolink station on Oct. 6 with free rides on OC Bus, including the sights and sounds of Downtown Disney District® and Anaheim Garden Walk®. Participants can add the experience of riding on a Metrolink train (standard Metrolink fares apply).

Service animal and therapy animal trainers, program alumni, and their friends and families are all invited.

Online pre-registration is available this year for those who want to save time the day of the event. Registration is also available at the venue.

To increase confidence and familiarity, trainers are encouraged to ride multiple times and practice boarding, riding, and alighting an OCTA transit bus.

OCTA is one of the only public transportation agencies in the country to offer this opportunity. Around 20,000 dogs work as assistance animals in the United States, according to the American Human Society.

Learn more about the event and pre-register here.

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