SB1 Funding Will Benefit OC Streets, Freeways, Transit & Active Transportation

In May, the California Transportation Commission (CTC) approved $92.5 million in competitive SB 1 funding for OCTA projects. Also known as the Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017, SB 1 prioritizes funding for maintenance and rehabilitation and safety improvements on state highways, local streets, roads, and bridges and for improving the state’s trade corridors, transit, and active transportation facilities.
Projects in the $92.5 million award include:
Signal synchronization ($6.8 million)
This amount will cover approximately half the cost of improving 217 intersections in 15 Orange County cities:
Aliso Viejo
Garden Grove
Laguna Hills
Lake Forest
Los Alamitos
Mission Viejo
Rancho Santa Margarita
Santa Ana
Villa Park
SR-57 Truck Climbing Lane ($65.7 million)
Covering the first phase of this project, the funds will be used to provide additional capacity and improve overall operations at the Lambert Road Interchange.
Central Corridor Improvement Project ($19.9 million)
This will fund five hydrogen fuel cell buses, traffic signal improvements, and four active transportation projects in the central corridor.
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