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Rides on Upcoming On-Demand Service Will Cost $5 Per Day – Or Less

When they hop on OCTA’s upcoming microtransit service this fall, riders will pay only $5 or less per day for unlimited travel to local destinations in select zones. Riders will have the option to pay $5 cash when boarding or $4.50 through the mobile app when booking their rides.

Transfers will be free to and from designated locations with specified passes. With a regular full-day OC Bus pass, you can ride to and from an OC Bus stop for free. With a valid Metrolink or Amtrak pass, you can ride to or from a train station for free.

The one-year pilot program will provide an on-demand, shared ride service with curb-to-curb pickup and drop-off. The program will be offered in two zones, each covering about six square miles. One zone is in parts of Huntington Beach and Westminster and the other includes areas in Aliso Viejo, Laguna Niguel and Mission Viejo. All travel must begin and end in one zone.


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