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Ridership, On-Time Service Improve on Metrolink Lines

Ridership, On-Time Service Improve on Metrolink Lines

OCTA funds and supervises Orange County service on Metrolink, the regional rail system offering weekday and weekend service to employment and activity centers. Three Metrolink lines operate in Orange County, including the Orange County Line, the Inland Empire-Orange County Line and the 91 Line. Eleven stations provide Orange County commuters with a dependable and high-quality rail transportation alternative.

During the last fiscal year from June 2016 to July 2017, the three Orange County Metrolink lines served 4.5 million people, a half-percent increase. Fullerton, Irvine and Tustin stations continue to have the highest weekday boardings.

Revenue from the three OC lines totaled $35.9 million, which accounted for 43 percent of the total $82.9 revenue system-wide.

Metrolink trains operated on time 94.2 percent of the time, a 5.4 percent increase from the previous fiscal year.

Throughout the year, OCTA encourages weekend ridership with special fares, incentives, and deals and discounts from partners located near Metrolink stations.

Metrolink service highlights include:

  • Special football trains to Los Angeles Rams games, doubling Sunday ridership on game days.
  • The Angels Express trains ran for the seventh year and provided rides for 54 home games this season. The Angels Express is funded through a grant by the Mobile Source Reduction Review Committee.
  • Nearly one-quarter (23 percent) of Metrolink passengers purchase tickets electronically using the mobile ticketing app.

Learn more about Metrolink here

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