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Ride OC Flex with Friends for Less!

Ok, we understand. Life happens.

Even though you can ride OC Flex on weekends with one, two, or three buddies for 50 percent off, you haven’t tried it yet.

How about next weekend?

Get your girlfriends together for a catchup lunch. With wine. Why not? You’re not driving.

Make your teens feel independent. With an OC Flex pass, they can travel all day to pizza, movies, whatever. Those 13 and older can ride without an adult.

Book a dinner reservation with your significant other and another couple and enjoy freedom from driving, parking, or even thinking about transportation. OC Flex has you covered.

OC Flex is OCTA's on-demand, curb-to-curb shuttle service serving two zones in Orange County as part of a pilot program. Inside each OC Flex zone, you can take unlimited rides to work, play or fun when you purchase a day pass with the OC Flex mobile app. Ordinarily, day passes are $4.50 with the mobile app. As part of a promotional discount during weekends, two people can ride for $4.50 (usually $9), three can ride for $6.75 (usually $13.50), and four can ride for $9 (usually $18). Participants must travel with the person who booked the group ride.

Spend your savings on some fun. Need destination inspiration? Check out the discounts your local businesses are offering to OC Flex riders in the two service areas -- parts of Aliso Viejo, Laguna Niguel, Mission Viejo, and parts of Huntington Beach and Westminster.

Learn more about OC Flex here.

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