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Ride OC Bus!

Ride OC Bus!

Via bold billboards and bus wraps, direct mail and much more, OCTA is encouraging residents to take a simple action that can make traveling OC convenient and affordable: Ride OC Bus.

The new campaign is designed to create awareness, improve perception, change behavior, and ultimately increase ridership among new riders while prompting current riders to take trips more frequently, and to different places.

Residents in the OC Bus core service area will receive mailers featuring two free bus coupons and a map of their area with key destinations and highlighted bus routes. In addition, multicultural outreach efforts include bus exterior ads (English and Spanish), billboard ads (English, Spanish and Vietnamese), cable TV ads (Spanish and Vietnamese), DMV ads (English and Spanish), radio ads (Spanish and Vietnamese), print ads (English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese and Korean) and an online promotion (English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese and Korean).

With improved routes to favorite destinations, a convenient mobile ticketing app, and clean, modern buses, residents have many reasons to hop aboard. Riders can easily find everything they need here to plan, pay, ride, and discover great destinations. 

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