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Ride Metrolink to the San Clemente Seafest

For more than 30 years, Southern California families have marked their calendars for the first Sunday in October in anticipation of Seafest, a great day fun in San Clemente with a surf contest, arts and crafts show, and a U.S. Coast Guard rescue demonstration.

This year, the popular annual event takes place on October 6. The best way to get there is by train. The Seafest venue is right next to the Metrolink station at the San Clemente Pier station. Step off the train, and you’re there – relaxed and ready after avoiding traffic by riding the train.

Taking Metrolink to the event is very affordable. Adults can travel all day on Saturday or Sunday for just $10. Have kids 5 years old and under? Each paying adult can bring up to three free.

You can also enter to win two free Metrolink tickets. Click here to enter and learn more about the San Clemente Seafest.

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