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Ride Metrolink Free to LA’s Chinese New Year Parade

On February 9, the famous Golden Dragon Parade will wind through LA’s Chinatown in celebration of Lunar New Year, the most celebrated holiday of the year for the nearly 1.5 million people of Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese descent living in Southern California.

To help Orange County residents enjoy this special holiday, OCTA will hold a kickoff event at 8 a.m. at the Irvine Metrolink Station for those on their way to the Golden Dragon Parade in Los Angeles. The first 100 people will receive a free round-trip ticket to Los Angeles Union Station (LAUS). Lion Dancers and refreshments will also be part of the fun. With more than 100,000 visitors expected at the Golden Dragon Parade, parking and traffic will be challenging, and Metrolink lets travelers avoid both.

For a chance to win two free Metrolink tickets online, enter today or any time before January 30.

LA’s Chinatown is easily accessible by Metrolink. After arriving at LAUS, travelers transfer for free to the Metro Gold Line, and the first stop is Chinatown.

Learn more about the event and enter to win tickets here.

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