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Redesigned Website Simplifies Rideshare Options

Redesigned Website Simplifies Rideshare Options

A revamped website is making it faster and easier to find a way to share the ride and take advantage of regional incentives while doing so.

RideMatch, a free ridesharing service offered by OCTA, the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority and the Ventura County Transportation Commission, connects thousands of riders in its database to help them save time and money by traveling together.

The updated website, ridematch.info, is easier to navigate and more user friendly than the original version and allows those who are tracking their rides to earn awards by reaching certain rideshare milestones. Check it out here.

OCTA also offers ridesharing assistance directly to Orange County residents and businesses. Through its rideshare program, OCTA helps commuters, employers, and everyday people explore alternative modes of transportation. To find out more about OCTA’s rideshare program, click here.

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