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Rail Safety Campaign Educates and Urges Caution

Rail safety is an important part of life in Orange County, where trains provide much-needed mobility and goods movement.

To educate residents about the need to use caution around railroad tracks, OCTA launched a new ad campaign and website that offers safety advice and dispels common myths about trains. For example, you can’t always hear a train approaching because they’re very quiet and don’t always sound their horns. 

More safety tips:

  • Cross only at designated pedestrian or roadway crossings. It’s safer, and crossing anywhere else is illegal. The penalty for trespassing could be your life.
  • Stay alert around railroad tracks. Avoid texting, headphones, or other distractions. Today’s trains are very quiet and they don’t always sound their horns.
  • Remember that it takes about one mile—the length of 18 football fields—for a train to stop.
  • Expect a train at any time. Trains can move in either direction at any time, day or night.

Learn more about rail safety here.

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