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Proposed Scenarios Move Long-Range Transportation Plan Forward

Proposed Scenarios Move Long-Range Transportation Plan Forward

Three scenarios offer different ways of looking at the future of transportation as part of the 2018 Long-Range Transportation Plan (LRTP), a 20-year blueprint for transportation improvements in Orange County. By 2040, the need for transportation is expected to increase with a projected growth in population by 10 percent and housing by 11 percent.

The scenarios include:

  • “Trend 2040” accounts for growth in population, employment and travel demand and the stress they will place on Orange County roadways and freeways. “Trend 2040” will be the basis for investments and is intended to serve as the primary input for the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) 2020 Regional Transportation Plan.
  •  “Innovation” factors in impacts on travel from the private sector including transportation network companies and electric and autonomous vehicles.
  •  “Policy” assumes travel behavior could impact regulations, requirements and/or fees that could be implemented through state and federal legislation and local policies. For example, toll lanes and pricing policy as well as telecommuting and active transportation programs could help lessen the issues transportation faces.

Results from an online survey seeking public opinion as well as feedback from the Board will help shape the 2018 LRTP. A public review period is planned for the spring of 2018 and the final LRTP will be submitted to SCAG by the fall of 2018.

To learn more about the LRTP, click here. Share your feedback on the future of transportation and take a survey here

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