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On-Demand Shared Ride Service Coming to Orange County

On-Demand Shared Ride Service Coming to Orange County

OC Flex, an on-demand shared ride service, will be part of OCTA’s suite of alternative transportation services beginning next summer. This type of service is also known as micro-transit and features short wait times and curb-to-curb pickup and drop off.

A one-year pilot program has been approved as part of OC Bus 360°, an initiative to improve bus ridership and provide a range of transit services that better fits the needs of the public. The $1.4 million pilot includes the purchase of four wheelchair-accessible vehicles.

As part of the pilot program, OC Flex will be offered initially in two zones – one in Huntington Beach and one in Aliso Viejo, Laguna Niguel and Mission Viejo. These areas were chosen based on transit usage, demographics and key community destinations.

Service areas include major activity centers for shopping, entertainment and employment, and connectivity to other transit options.

To gauge the success of the program, OCTA will measure productivity and cost-effectiveness, and the number of shared rides and connecting transit trips, as well as customer satisfaction. 

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