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OCTA’s Paratransit Program wins CalACT Award

OCTA’s Paratransit Program wins CalACT Award

In early April, OCTA hosted the spring conference of the California Association for Coordinated Transportation (CalACT), a gathering of statewide small, rural, and specialized transportation providers.

At the conference, OCTA was presented with CalACT’s Outstanding Paratransit Program Award. This award recognizes paratransit programs that have demonstrated achievement in efficiency, effectiveness and customer service.

OCTA serves more than 30,000 ADA-eligible customers with over 1.5 million one-way trips within a service area of roughly 460 square miles covering over 3 million residents and more than 47 million visitors annually. The success of the agency’s paratransit program derives from the staff’s dedication to the paratransit community along with the operational and fiscal partnerships, goals and policies that management has set forth to ensure the agency’s customers are served safely, reliably and efficiently.

To learn more about OC ACCESS, OCTA’s paratransit service, click here.


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