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OCTA Unveils 2020 Initiatives

OCTA released combined board and CEO initiatives that present a balanced and forward-thinking plan intended to address upcoming opportunities and challenges and ensure that OCTA can successfully deliver on its priorities. They include:

  • Comprehensive Mobility Solutions
    • Enhance Transit Service Quality and Customer Experience
    • Deliver OC Go - Next 10 Plan Commitments
  • Regional Leadership and Public Transparency
    • Collaborate with Local and Regional Partners
    • Ensure Public Accountability and Transparency
  • Resiliency, Sustainability, and Innovation
    • Advance Climate Resiliency and Sustainability Strategies
    • Promote and Deploy Innovative Technologies
  •  Fiscal Accountability
    • Champion Fiscal Responsibility
  •  Organizational Excellence
    • Strengthen Safety and Security Measures
    • Develop and Maximize Workforce Potential
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