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OCTA Marks Bike Month with 3-Mile Bike Rally

OCTA celebrated Bike Month on May 23 with a Bike Rally from the Orange Metrolink station to OCTA headquarters on Main Street in Orange.

More than two dozen riders took part in the 3-mile ride, including OCTA Director Gene Hernandez, also a member of the Yorba Linda City Council, and Orange Mayor Pro Tem Mike Alvarez.

Some of the cyclists rode mountain bikes and road bikes, while others hopped on electric bicycles, but all had the same goal – to spread the message about bicycle safety and to show others how fun and convenient it can be to commute by bike.

“Events like this help build awareness that getting behind the wheel of a car isn’t the only way to reach your destination,” said OCTA CEO Darrell E. Johnson. “Active transportation activities such as bicycling and walking are not only convenient, they can also improve your health in the process.”

OCTA helps plan and fund active transportation projects throughout the county and uses grant money to promote safety through partnerships and training with community organizations, cyclists and law enforcement.

Each year, OCTA’s Bike Rally and other events showcase the benefits of bicycling and encourage more people to ride their bikes to school, work or around town.

For longer commutes around Orange County, cyclists can pair biking with a carpool, OC Bus or Metrolink ride.

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