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OCTA Launches Summer Intern Program

Interns from local colleges are an integral part of the OCTA workforce, playing important roles in all departments. OCTA created a College Intern Program nearly 20 years ago that continues to be highly successful.

To capture a wider pool of candidates, OCTA has created a Summer Intern Program to reach out to students who attend schools from across the country and may be spending their summers in Orange County. The first group will be on board this summer.

Like the regular intern program, the summer version will help college students develop workplace readiness skills, gain work experience and exposure to the transportation industry, learn about career opportunities, and receive career mentoring. The summer version is more condensed and will pack all these useful features into 10 weeks. Hourly pay ranges from $14 to $17, with students working full-time hours.

Please pass this opportunity on to your favorite college student. Applications are being accepted here

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