OCTA Continues to Make Vanpooling Easier than Ever

Launched in 2007, OCTA’s Vanpool Program is a convenient transportation option that allows commuters and others to save time and money by pooling resources and traveling in a shared van. The Vanpool Program has grown steadily to include 508 active vanpools and now serves 143 worksites in Orange County.

As part of its effort to continually improve the Vanpool Program, OCTA recently released a new vanpool reporting app that simplifies the business of reporting trips, collecting money for gas (and lease, too, if it’s not paid through payroll deduction), scheduling maintenance and driving, and logging trips and expenses.

Traditionally, this information has been entered through OCTA’s online web portal.  Now, vanpool coordinators can simply use their smart phones for more convenient on-the-go data entry, making reporting faster and easier than ever.

Vanpools provide an alternative mode of travel for commuters without cars or convenient access to buses. In addition, participants can save up to $250 per month compared to driving by themselves. Employers with vanpool programs benefit from reduced parking congestion and improved employee morale.

OCTA helps both employers and individual commuters with their vanpool plans and also provides an incentive of $400 per month for each van. Visit here to learn more or contact Kristopher Hewkin at khewkin@octa.net or (714) 560-5331.

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