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OCTA Board Sets Transportation Vision for 2019

OCTA Board Sets Transportation Vision for 2019

For 2019, the strategic initiatives of the OCTA Board of Directors focus on improving the regional transportation network by delivering capital projects, offering modern transit solutions, and emphasizing fiscal responsibility.

The six initiatives act as a guide for the upcoming year and outline specific targeted projects for completion by the end of 2019.

“OCTA looks forward to a very active and productive 2019, as these initiatives reflect the board’s dedication to improving the way we travel throughout Orange County and plan for the future of our regional transportation system,” said Chairman Tim Shaw, also a La Habra City Councilman. 

The OCTA board initiatives for 2019 include:  

Delivering on capital projects including reconstruction on eight bridges as part of the I-405 Improvement Project, construction on the I-5 improvements between SR-73 and El Toro Road in South Orange County, and expanding the Anaheim Canyon Metrolink Station.

Championing fiscal responsibility by continuing to be good stewards of funds from OC Go (also known as Measure M), the county’s half-cent sales tax for transportation improvements. This includes setting priorities for 2020 State Transportation Improvement Program funding, supporting state and federal transportation legislation consistent with OCTA platforms, and awarding OC Go funding to improve streets, synchronize signals, and enhance water quality.

Developing state-of-the-art regional transportation plans by focusing on the county’s future needs, including studying the Bristol Street Corridor and taking a comprehensive look at continuing to improve transportation in South Orange County.

Strengthening regional partnerships by collaborating with the Riverside County Transportation Commission to improve the 91 Corridor by updating the SR-91 Implementation Plan, with LA Metro to study transit connections between the two counties, and with Caltrans on freeway improvements.

Implementing the OC Bus 360° vision and offering modern transit solutions by continuing to refine OCTA bus service to best meet customers’ needs. This year, that includes launching a new Bravo! 529 limited-stop bus service on Beach Boulevard, approving an operations-and-maintenance contract for the OC Streetcar, and implementing new technologies such as additional hydrogen-fuel-cell buses.

Reinforcing a culture of safety to ensure the well-being of the public and OCTA employees through ongoing training, completing pilot projects aimed at enhancing coach-operator safety, and developing a Safety Management System, a new federal requirement.

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