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OC Flex Microtransit Pilot Extended

OC Flex, an on-demand curb-to-curb service, will continue providing rides through October as part of a pilot project.

OC Flex has been operating since October 2018 in two areas, one in portions of Huntington Beach and Westminster, and the other in portions of Mission Viejo, Aliso Viejo and Laguna Niguel. Passengers can request rides via the OC Flex Mobile App or by phone.

In its first year of operation, OC Flex has increased ridership month over month and recorded nearly 37,000 boardings. Customer satisfaction is high, with 91 percent of riders surveyed saying they would recommend the service.

Based on OC Flex customer feedback, OCTA has expanded service areas and updated service hours. For a limited time, the OC Bus regular 30-Day pass has been added to free transfer options. These improvements go into effect February 9. Also, the group ride discount (50% off) has been extended to all day, every day.

For more information on OC Flex, visit here.

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