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OC’s San Diego Creek Trail, A Rarity among Urban Bikeways

OC’s San Diego Creek Trail, A Rarity among Urban Bikeways

The San Diego Creek Trail is the backbone of the City of Irvine’s bicycling network. With a length of more than 9 miles, the trail runs east/west and bisects the city.  At its western end, it connects with the Back Bay Trail in the City of Newport Beach. In the east, the trail ends near the junction of Interstate 405 and State Highway 133.

San Diego Creek Trail offers connections to many other trails and cycling routes, as well as popular destinations within the City of Irvine, which is why it’s such a popular route for many different types of bicyclists. Along the San Diego Creek Trail, you’ll find easy access to parks, retail centers, residential neighborhoods, schools and more. The trail also lends itself to further exploration of the city’s other bikeways, with connections to several other popular routes like the Peter’s Canyon Trail and the Jeffrey Open Space Trail, among others.

One of the many reasons why a bike ride on the San Diego Creek Trail is such an enjoyable experience is because it gives you the feeling of escape, a rarity for an urban bikeway. Between the parks, bridges and waterscapes, it’s easy to feel like you’re far removed from the buzz of one of OC’s largest cities, although you’re never too far from the many restaurants and coffee shops along the way.

Take a ride on the San Diego Creek Trail and see why Irvine is a designated bicycle-friendly community. When you go by bike, don’t forget to share your bicycling photos with us on Facebook! For more information about bicycling in Orange County, visit here.

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