OC Congestion Management Program Report Released for Public Review

The draft 2017 Orange County Congestion Management Program Report is available to the public for review. OCTA is responsible for developing, monitoring and reporting on the Orange County Congestion Management Program every two years.

Updates for 2017 include:

  • Traffic Level of Service (LOS) standards. All roads and highways in local jurisdictions are in compliance with standards for maintaining or improving traffic on streets and highways.
  • Land Use Coordination. All local jurisdictions have adopted traffic-impact analysis processes for analyzing the impacts of land use decisions on local roadways and highways.
  • Deficiency Plans. No deficiency plans were required for the 2017 CMP because all intersections in the plan were in compliance with requirements.

The report has been released for a three-week public review period and is available on request at OCTA headquarters. The final report will be brought to the Board for adoption at a public hearing set for Nov. 27. After adoption, it will be submitted to the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) to ensure consistency with regional transportation plans.  To learn more about the CMP, click here

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