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OC Bus Service Change Increases Frequency, Restores Routes

Bus service changes are routinely made three times a year in February, June and October to ensure riders are getting the most efficient level of service.

The most recent change on June 14 focuses on transitioning from Sunday to Saturday service levels while increasing the frequency on high-demand routes and restoring service on some routes that were suspended in March. Trips will be added on busier routes to accommodate social distancing.

The changes strike a balance between anticipated increased customer demand, social distancing and coach operator availability.

The June ebusbook is available online.

To view the June service changes, visit here.

In March, OCTA implemented an emergency service change, which temporarily reduced service to Sunday service levels to comply with the state’s stay-at-home order and help protect the health of OCTA employees while continuing to provide critical service for those needing to make essential trips.

OCTA has made several changes to the OC Bus system to ensure the health and safety of passengers and employees during the coronavirus pandemic, including enhanced nightly bus cleaning, implementing rear-door passenger boarding, limiting the number of passengers on board each bus when possible, adding signage to bus seats reminding passengers to practice social distancing and adding service on busier routes to accommodate fewer passengers on each bus. OCTA has also installed hand sanitizer dispensers near the rear doors of every OC Bus for passenger use and is asking passengers to wear face coverings while riding OC Bus. 

OCTA continues to follow health guidance from federal, state and local agencies to keep the safety of riders and employees as the top priority, while helping stop the spread of COVID-19.

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